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Not sure if you’re creating good board meeting agendas? No idea who should actually be creating them? Wondering what in the world a “consent agenda” is? During this informal Q&A session, we’ll cover:

Open meeting laws, or sunshine laws, are built to hold public entities — including your charter school governing board — accountable and transparent to the public.

Do you need your board to boost its role in fundraising and development this year?

Many people know that an annual retreat is something that charter school boards do, but don’t really know exactly why they need to hold a board retreat every year.

What are the key roles and responsibilities for a charter school board retreat?

It’s often better and more productive to have a professional board retreat facilitator. Here’s why.

Planning a board retreat can be daunting. And board retreat help comes in many forms.

Is your charter school board retreat subject to open meeting laws?

If your charter school board is preparing for a board retreat, be sure to complete a board assessment in advance.

We’re often asked whether we offer board coaching and training or board meeting facilitation to charter schools looking to improve their governance capabilities.

Your charter school board retreat agenda should focus on maintaining and improving your governance capabilities, as well as strategically contributing to your charter school’s success.

By now, your board is used to working remotely together. You’ve been hosting your board meetings remotely, either using BoardOnTrack or a combination of tools like Zoom and Google Docs.

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