Charter School CEOs

Whether you’re leading a charter management organization or a single-site school, you’re not in this work to live and breathe the business of the board. You’re in it for the education of these kids. 

But, to deliver exceptional results for kids, you need an exceptional board.

BoardOnTrack can help.

Proven CEO Evaluation Tool

Get Evaluated & Compensated the Right Way

Hiring, evaluating, and sometimes even replacing the school leader, is perhaps the board’s single-most important role. 

You certainly want them to get right.

You want your wins celebrated and your growth edges defined.

With BoardOnTrack’s built-in CEO evaluation tool & a year-round proven process, your board becomes a vital part of your professional development cycle. 

“It’s your guardrails. It’s your safety net, it’s the platform where you can put everything in and build a lasting legacy that’s going to go beyond you as the founding team and hopefully help you get more people involved and make it easier to save them time.”

Marci Cornell-Feist
Founder & CEO, BoardOnTrack

Actionable Goals Dashboard

Get Everyone Focused on Priorities, Not Personalities

You chose these people for their amazing talents and expected contributions.

You want them aligned with your vision. And actively contributing to it. 

BoardOnTrack makes it possible. 

Empower your board to translate your organization-level goals into committee-level goals they’ll deliver on for you this year, and every year. 

Do the real work at every meeting, with a focus on the priorities.

All-in-one, all online, home for your board work

Spend Less Time On Your Board

With BoardOnTrack, the board owns their operations, end to end. 

The platform empowers your board to adopt sustainable, scalable, systems and processes.

Without taking a ton of your time or mental bandwidth, your board becomes a well-oiled machine. 

Key operational details like agendas and minutes  and packets and RSVPs, reminders, and even contact info, seem to run themselves.

“The board is finally operating the way I want it to. They’re effective, self-sustaining, and everything doesn’t have to go through me every time.”

Malka Borrego
Malka Borrego
Founder & CEO, Equitas Academies

Online Institutional Memory

Thrive Through Leadership Transitions

The CEO role will one day change hands. Your board chair will, one day, be ready to move on. And even trustee term limits can leave you feeling like you’re constantly starting over. 

With BoardOnTrack, your systems and processes outlive terms or turnover.

Year over year, trustees and executives alike working off of the same growing institutional memory. 

Every key document needed, from your charter to your minutes, with the click of a button

Thousands of charter school leaders and trustees at stellar organizations like these trust BoardOnTrack.

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See how we could help you drive exceptional governance — and deliver exceptional results for kids.