Expert insights on charter school governance, charter school board roles, and the charter school CEO-board partnership.

Planning your charter school’s annual board retreat may seem daunting at first. But it’s completely doable. Below, we’ll break down the best practices for you.

How effective is your board? This question always drives home for people quickly why an annual board assessment is so important. When we travel around the country to talk with charter school boards,...

Supporting and evaluating your chief executive is among the most important functions of any charter school board. The board is responsible for effectively selecting, supporting, and evaluating your...

Board goals define the board’s value to the organization each year. They outline what will be accomplished, by when, and by whom. 

On March 31, join experts from Charter School Growth Fund, NACSA, and BoardOnTrack to discuss the results of our second-annual Charter School Governance Index.

Have you scheduled your next CEO evaluation? If not, you’re not alone.

COVID-19 has changed the way charter school boards must operate. And it’s made transparency both more important and more complicated.

Join us live on Jan. 27 for this free charter school board governance training webinar. Or, register to get the recording as soon as it’s available.

Arguably, a charter school board’s most important role is its partnership with the CEO.

Whether or not you’re new to charter school governance, you’ve asked this question at some point: What is an “Open Meeting Law”? Or, more likely, you’ve wondered if your charter school’s board can...

The new year often brings a renewed sense of urgency to charter school boards and CEOs. And though this year has been exceptional, there’s still that drive to get things in order and make sure you...

How does a charter school CEO transition out of their role and hand the baton off to the next leader? BoardOnTrack’s founder and CEO, Marci Cornell-Feist recently hosted a fireside chat with two...

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