A Charter School Board’s Most Important Role

A Charter School Board’s Most Important Role

Arguably, a charter school board’s most important role is its partnership with the CEO.

It’s up to the board to hire, evaluate, and support the CEO.

The start of the new calendar year means it’s nearly time for your CEO Support And Evaluation Committee to begin planning this year’s evaluation process.

If your board is new to the process, as we’ve found many are, start with learning the top 10 mistakes to avoid when evaluating your CEO.

And, keep in mind that effectively supporting and evaluating your CEO is a year-round affair. It’s not only a task to check off in the spring.

👉 Here’s How To Evaluate Your Charter School Leader Using The BoardOnTrack CEO Evaluation Tool.

Your annual CEO evaluation is the perfect time to renew your understanding of the role.

The CEO’s role evolves alongside your organization. The annual evaluation is an opportunity to review your CEO’s job description and make any changes.

And, it’s a time to take a fresh look at both your short- and long-term CEO succession plans. Leadership transition is inevitable. The more prepared you are, the better your charter school will navigate the changes.

The board sets the CEO’s compensation. But, many board members feel in the dark about benchmarking charter school CEO compensation.

And, until our recent study, the links between what charter school CEOs earn and the strength of the board-CEO partnership were unclear.

Finally, the CEO has an active role to play in helping their boards understand how best to support them. We call it being a BoardSavvy™ charter school CEO, and we’ve identified the key habits the most BoardSavvy™ CEOs adopt.

As busy as each CEO is, the time invested here is worthwhile. After all, the board-CEO partnership is central to a charter school’s success.

Can we help strengthen your board-CEO partnership or adopt a consistent evaluation process? Book a time to see how we work.

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