Open Meeting Law Essentials

Open Meeting Law Essentials

Join us live on Jan. 27 for this free charter school board governance training webinar. Or, register to get the recording as soon as it’s available.

Though the specifics vary from one state to the next, the bottom line is this: charter schools are public entities and must operate transparently by complying with their state’s open meeting laws.

But, many charter school board members, CEOs, and staff struggle with understanding or operationalizing their team’s compliance.

Watch this on-demand webinar to understand and simplify your charter school board’s open meeting law compliance.

Let our experts answer your open meeting law questions

Hosted by BoardOnTrack’s Chief Governance Officer Mike Mizzoni and Governance Coach Brianna Stuczynski, this webinar will cover:

The Basics: What open meeting laws are, why they exist, and why operating with transparency matters for your charter school

Role and Responsibilities: Which board members, committees, or staff members should own which parts of your board’s transparency and compliance practices

Putting it Into Practice: Why so many boards overcomplicate their compliance practices, and how to simplify

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