Charter School CEO Resources Roundup

Charter School CEO Resources Roundup

This school year has tested charter school CEOs in ways we never imagined. And, it’s shined a spotlight on the importance and power of the board-CEO partnership to help ensure that charter schools thrive even through the most challenging times.

To help, we’ve rounded up all of our resources covering the following charter school CEO topics. We hope they’ll prove valuable to charter school CEOs, leadership teams, and board members alike. Skip to the topic that’s most valuable to you right now, or explore it all.

And, as always, contact us if we can be of any help to you or if there are any new topics you’d like to see us cover.

-> Charter School CEO Compensation and Turnover

-> Charter School Board-CEO Partnership

-> Charter School CEO Spotlights

-> Charter School CEO Support and Evaluation

-> Charter School CEO Succession Planning

Charter School CEO Compensation and Turnover

charter school ceo compensation studyReport: Charter School CEO Compensation and Turnover

Our survey findings reveal the surprising factors affecting charter school CEO compensation and which charter school CEOs are most likely to be considering leaving the roles soon.

Download the full report and then get even more salary benchmark data points in the addendum

On-Demand Webinar: Charter School CEO Compensation and Turnover

The pandemic has required charter school CEOs and boards to rethink the very nature of the education they provide their students. Simultaneously, you’ve had to rethink the nature — and strength — of your partnerships with each other.

Learn what our study reveals about just how important that partnership is to ensuring charter schools thrive today and beyond the pandemic. And how certain factors of the board-CEO partnership influence CEO compensation, CEOs’ likelihood to seek a new role, and more. Watch it here!

Benchmarking Charter School CEO Compensation: A Primer For Charter School Boards

To benchmark charter school CEO compensation, boards need both data and guidance. This article provides both clear data points from our national survey of charter school CEOs, and actionable advice for best practices in leading your own salary benchmarking process. Get our charter school CEO salary benchmarks!

On-Demand Webinar: How to Talk About Charter School CEO Compensation With Your Board

Pull back the curtain on charter school leader compensation. Learn how to talk about your charter school CEO’s compensation, when a raise is right, and the tools your board needs to measure CEO performance. Watch it here!

How Charter School Leaders Can Lead The Compensation Conversation

Like so many things in charter school leadership, successfully negotiating charter school CEO compensation depends on a good process. Effective charter school governance is certainly predicated on having good group process. And nowhere is this more apparent than in the realm of asking your board for a raise. Read our advice here!

The Charter School Board-CEO Partnership

How To Be A BoardSavvy Charter School CEO

An effective charter school organization hinges on a strong partnership between the board and its CEO. Yet, most charter school leaders have very little governance experience.

But whether you’re leading an early-stage school or running 20 campuses, working with your board is a skill that you can build. It doesn’t take an inordinate amount of time to become what we call a BoardSavvy® CEO. And it’s less complex than closing the achievement gap. Read our advice!

How To Strengthen Your Board-CEO Partnership

The board-CEO partnership is central to the long-term health of any charter school, from pre-doors to emerging CMO. But, it’s also something that both CEOs and board members have to work to learn how to establish and maintain. Read our advice!

Charter School CEO Spotlights

Equitas AcademyEquitas Academy: Charter School Governance In Growth Mode

With five schools, Equitas Academy serves more than 1,500 kindergartens through eighth-grade students in the LA area. And they’re growing. Founding CEO Malka Borrego’s vision is to grow to eight schools, serving thousands of kids. In just one year, Equitas grew from a $15 million organization to $23 million organization. Read Malka’s story here.

How YPICS Stays On Track With BoardOnTrack

In this chat with Yvette King-Berg, Executive Director, Youth Policy Institute Charter Schools {YPICS}, we cover what it takes to lead a charter school organization at a key growth stage, how her partnership with her board has been instrumental to her success, and what BoardOnTrack membership has meant to Yvette and YPICS overall. Read the interview here.

Caprice Young: The Charter School CEO’s Guide To Governing For Growth At Every Stage

An interview with Caprice Young, Charter School Hall of Fame Inductee. We focus on what the CEO needs to know — and mistakes to avoid — to effectively govern for growth at every stage of your organization’s evolution, from single-site charter start-up to rapidly-scaling, multi-site, multi-state CMO. Read Caprice’s advice here.

Frances Teso, founding CEO, Voices College-Bound Language Academies

Like so many leaders in the charter movement, when Frances sees something that needs to be done, she’ll stand up and do it. Her search for a better way led Frances to New Leaders for New Schools, and eventually to launching the Voices school, Franklin McKinley, in 2007. A National Board Certified Teacher, Frances set out to provide high-quality education to kids who were being underserved. Read Frances’ story.

Charter School CEO Support and Evaluation

charter school CEO job description

What’s A CEO Support And Evaluation Committee?

The committee’s primary responsibilities are to design and develop — in partnership with the CEO — the systems and processes that support the board-CEO partnership and help the CEO get better at their role. Read more here!



Our Guide to Running a Charter School CEO Support and Evaluation Committee

Successfully evaluating your charter school leader starts with this committee. Learn who should serve, what their roles will be, and what the committee is responsible for doing for your board. Download it here.

Year-Round Charter School Leader Support & Evaluation

Our year-round charter CEO evaluation cycle allows you to get a bead on how your partnership is doing and touchpoints throughout the year and then the end of year evaluation. Learn our year-round approach.


Sample Charter School CEO Job Description

Set clear expectations for your charter school leader or CEO from the outset. You’re welcome to use our sample as the basis for your own. It’s built on the knowledge of the hundreds of charter schools we’ve worked with, nationwide. Download it here.

How To Evaluate Your Charter School Leader Using The BoardOnTrack CEO Evaluation Tool

Supporting and evaluating your chief executive is among the most important functions of any charter school board. With a proven evaluation instrument built right into BoardOnTrack, the charter school CEO evaluation process is simple and straightforward. (Even if you aren’t a BoardOnTrack member, these steps can be helpful.) Read how it works.

Top 10 Mistakes To Avoid When Evaluating Your Charter School CEO

Most boards fully recognize and understand the significance of their responsibility as the governing body of the organization, to whom the CEO reports. And yet, many don’t plan adequately for doing the CEO evaluation or they just don’t know what process to follow. Learn to avoid the most common mistakes.

Survey Your Charter School Staff: How, When, And Why

Whether or not to survey staff — and how that fits into the CEO evaluation process — is always a hot topic among charter school leaders and trustees alike. Read our advice.

Charter School CEO Succession Planning

On-Demand Webinar: Successful Leadership Transition

A leadership transition is one of the most challenging things a charter school governance team can face. And it’s inevitable. Even in the best-case scenario, when a leader’s departure is expected and can be planned for, maintaining excellence during and following the transition can be daunting.

In this fireside chat hosted by BoardOnTrack CEO Marci Cornell-Feist, hear how Jessica Wodatch, founder and former Executive Director of Two Rivers Public Charter Schools in Washington, D.C. and Kristin Harrison, former Executive Director of the Christa McAuliffe Charter School in Framingham, Mass., sucessfully orchestrated their own exits. 

Guide: Charter School CEO Succession Planning

An effective succession-planning process will enable your organization to not lose operational momentum should one of your leaders leave their post for any reason. Follow our proven process to get started on your plan now. Download it here.

Succession Planning For Charter School Boards And CEOs

It’s best practice to have a succession plan in place well before you ever need to use it. Use our advice to put in place succession plans for both your CEO and your Board Chair. Read our advice.


On-Demand Webinar: Charter School CEO Succession Planning

Our recent study of charter school CEOs nationwide lays bare how certain factors of that partnership influence CEO compensation, CEOs’ likelihood to seek a new role, and more. Our panel of experts discussed what’s leading charter school CEOs to leave their roles, how boards and CEOs can work together to put succession planning in place, and more.

This webinar features BoardOnTrack founder and CEO Marci Cornell-Feist, EOS Transition Services partner John Tarvin, and New Schools for New Orleans Chief of Policy and Portfolio Holly Reid. Watch it here. 

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