What it’s like to take meeting minutes in BoardOnTrack

What it’s like to take meeting minutes in BoardOnTrack


Have you ever wondered what it’s like to take your board’s meeting minutes using BoardOnTrack? Or, perhaps, you’ve just wondered if there was a better way to take your minutes, get them approved, and make them available to the public in accordance with your state’s open meeting laws.

We’ve just launched some major upgrades to our meeting minutes interface. So, it’s the perfect time to share with you a bit about what it’s really like to take your board’s meeting minutes using BoardOnTrack’s online governance platform — the only one built especially for charter school boards.

Take this quick tour with Katrina, one of our Member Success team reps. Or, read on for highlights of how our best features are improving this process for hundreds of charter school boards nationwide.



Preview your minutes as you build them.

Quickly enter and edit your minutes by previewing them or viewing alongside your agenda.

By previewing your minutes in a new tab, or viewing them alongside your agenda, we’ve made it even easier and faster to complete your meetings minutes exactly as you need to have them done.

Easily see any action items you’ve yet to complete when finalizing your minutes.

The platform reminds you of the key items to complete. As soon as the meeting is adjourned, or after 60 minutes, BoardOnTrack will automatically check for common mistakes in the minutes and alert the minute taker if issues are found.

When you’re in the interface, you’ll see blue items for any action to complete. And, once BoardOnTrack detects that everything looks good, it will show a green checkmark to confirm you’re all set.

What’s more, when adding a vote to approve your minutes, you’ll always see the “Approve minutes” action before the basic ‘Vote’ action, with a friendly reminder to help you select the right action for the vote you’re recording. And, you can easily — but optionally — include discussion notes with your vote.

These are some of many ways that BoardOnTrack acts as your guardrails, helping to ensure you follow good process while using our tools to make these tasks faster, easier, and more consistent over time.

List in your minutes the documents used during the meeting.

If the board needs to (or just wants to) include a list of documents used during the meeting, the minute taker can simply check the box to enable this feature.

Any documents you’ve attached to your agenda can be selected for inclusion in your final minutes, with the click of a checkbox.

Once you’ve selected the documents to include, you’ll see them appear as a list in your minutes. When viewed online, each document name is a link.

With BoardOnTrack, you can attach key documents to your meeting minutes.
Any documents attached to your agenda will be available to select for inclusion in your minutes.
Documents you attach to your meeting minutes will appear as live links when the minutes are viewed online.

Would you like to see BoardOnTrack in action?

Join our next webinar. Or, if you’re already a BoardOnTrack member, log in now to see the upgraded meeting minutes tools for yourself.

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