Watch: Building an Effective Charter School Board

Watch: Building an Effective Charter School Board

Mike Mizzoni, BoardOnTrack’s Chief Governance Officer, sits down with Charter School Capital for the second installment of our Charter EdTalks. Watch to learn how to build an effective charter school board.



Watch as Mike shares his expertise on why it is important to put together the “right” board, what qualities you should look for when building an effective board, the ideal size of a board, and how long people should typically serve on your charter school board. 

Get started building a more effective charter school board with these resources:

The Definitive Guide to Board Committees
Learn the five committees that every board needs, who should serve on them, and what the most effective committees do to get the work done. Plus, get sample job descriptions for each committee.

The Ultimate Guide to Charter School Board Governance by Charter School Capital
For your school to reach its goals, meet its mission, and be set up for success, you need to build a well-structured, well-staffed, and well-trained Board of Directors. This important guide shares the ins and outs of recruiting, building, and managing your governance team as you grow.

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