Who Is Your BoardOnTrack Superuser?

Who Is Your BoardOnTrack Superuser?

While your BoardOnTrack Champion drives the strategic side, your BoardOnTrack Superuser keeps the board’s operations running smoothly.

What is a Superuser?

Your Superuser is in charge of the critical, operational details on the board. They manage the meeting agendas, minutes, packets, and make sure that all board members’ terms are up to date.

This person is your charter’s BoardOnTrack platform expert. The Superuser not only manages details directly on the platform but they also are there to teach the right trustees to do.

Who makes a good Superuser?

Typically, the Superuser will be your Board Secretary or a staff member. With operational details being the forefront of this role, your Superuser should be organized, detail-oriented, and able to coach others to do the same.

Why is a Superuser essential for your charter school’s board?

Your Superuser manages all the repeatable processes that save your governance team time, ultimately empowering your board to focus on the strategic and increase your governance capabilities year over year..

Beyond keeping open meeting logs, leading the technical side of evaluations and assessments processes,  and all other details in line, a Superuser provides consistency for the organization. Your board members know there’s a resource who knows how everything works for you governance team, inside and out.

They also know BoardOnTrack inside and out and depend on it to keep the organization moving towards their goals. BoardOnTrack makes his or her life easier.

Identify your Superuser today!

Your BoardOnTrack Superuser keeps the board’s operations running smoothly. If you haven’t yet, go name yours on the platform.

Identifying your Superuser in BoardOnTrack takes about 30 seconds.

And it’s just about the easiest way to ensure that your whole governance team makes the best use out of all the tools included with your BoardOnTrack membership.

Simply log in today, click on Settings, and select your Superuser.

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Or, if you aren’t yet a member, learn more about BoardOnTrack Membership

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