Watch: Preparing Your Charter School Board to Govern for Growth

Watch: Preparing Your Charter School Board to Govern for Growth

Mike Mizzoni, BoardOnTrack’s Chief Governance Officer, sits down with Charter School Capital for a quick-hitting and content-rich conversation.

Watch to learn how a charter school board can best govern for growth.

Mike shares his expertise on why charter school boards should be governing for growth, what that means, planning your board so that evolves over time, setting board priorities, and choosing the right people on the board to effectively navigate every stage of your charter school’s growth.

Get started governing for growth with these resources:

Governing for Growth Strategic Questions
Download the guide to get the strategic questions you need to ask yourself and your governance team today.

Charter School Growth Manual by Charter School Capital
Whether you’re just beginning the process of starting up a charter school, looking to expand, or trying to prioritize your next steps, download this eBook to get expert tips and pitfalls to avoid as you grow.

Webinar: Nationwide Growth — Governing for Growth at Every Stage
Caprice Young, recognized charter luminary and Learn4Life National Superintendent, talks with BoardOnTrack CEO Marci Cornell Feist to share lessons learned launching and growing high-impact, influential organizations.

Webinar: Networkwide Growth — The Valor Collegiate Board-CEO Partnership
Valor Collegiate CEO Todd Dickson and founding trustee Bob Hannon talk with Marci about the power of a purposeful approach to a growth-minded governance partnership.

Webinar: Citywide Growth — The Baton Rouge Story
New Schools for Baton Rouge Director of School Strategy, Kara Maggiore, talks with Marci about the board’s role in facilitating a sustainable citywide growth strategy.

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