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Keeping You On Track: The Brown Act + BoardOnTrack

With the changes brought about by the Brown Act legislation, BoardOnTrack has adjusted our platform to help you remain compliant.

What is The Brown Act?

The Brown Act, the name of the California State Open Meetings Act, is a law centered around transparency to the public and affects all work on behalf of the public.

It states that virtually all work on behalf of the public must be conducted in open, public, and transparent sessions.

As public charter school boards, this affects your organization directly. A recent update to the law will require organizations, such as yours, to provide a direct link to their “current meeting’s agenda” on the homepage of their website.

Check out the specifics to the law here.

As a BoardOnTrack member, how does this affect me?

The updated law provides for what is known as integrated agenda management platforms, such as BoardOnTrack.

Previously, however, the BoardOnTrack platform would not have conformed to the updated act because users were required to navigate through the public portal to access the board’s current meeting’s agenda.

Good news, we’ve got an update for this!

Behind the Scenes at BoardOnTrack

BoardOnTrack meets the definition of an integrated agenda management platform but needed to make some adjustments to the public portal in order to be compliant.

We’ve done this by creating a second link to your public portal, which will bring users directly to your board’s current agenda.

Within the “settings” tab in your BoardOnTrack platform, you’ll now find a link that brings website visitors directly to your board’s next agenda. You must embed this link to your current agenda prominently on your homepage before your board’s first meeting after January 1, 2019.

As with your organization, change is inevitable, and this new law is easy to comply with as a BoardOnTrack partner.

Questions? We’re here to help!

Please feel free to contact us should you have any further questions about using BoardOnTrack in compliance with the Brown Act.