Helping Charter School Boards Govern Remotely

Helping Charter School Boards Govern Remotely

Has your charter school suddenly shifted to a distributed board? Struggling to govern effectively amid the crisis and changing regulatory requirements? You’re not alone. 

At the best of times, charter school governance is an intensely complex, high-stakes endeavor.

COVID-19 has amplified the challenge with school closures, social distancing orders, and rapidly changing regulations.

Charter school board members, CEOs, and staff are grappling with meeting the challenges of governing responsibly and effectively amid uncertain and rapidly changing conditions.  

We’re hearing from trustees and CEOs nationwide the same calls: you need access to recognized experts, proven tools, and evidence-based practices to respond to immediate needs and prepare for what lies ahead.

This is not a time to go it alone. 

Each state is making their own decisions on their own timeline. Charter school boards are left uncertain how to even begin meeting or working together.

You need real-time guidance that keeps pace with the changing landscape. Smart tools that remove the administrative burden. A community of peers grappling with the same challenges.

With that, you’re freed to focus your limited time and attention on vital strategic matters rather than confusion or fear of getting it wrong.

Throughout the spring of 2020, BoardOnTrack members have access to live, weekly Continuity Coaching sessions hosted by BoardOnTrack’s governance experts and a selection of sought-after leaders in finance, academics, and other key areas of vital importance right now.

But, BoardOnTrack is founded on the notion that knowledge plus action equals results. We pair expert coaching with the tools that enable your board to take action to bring results for your organization.

Strategic, transparent, remote board work takes more than Google Docs and Zoom meetings.

Practically overnight, charter schools have gone from being required to meet in person to being banned from meeting in person. 

With virtual meetings being the only option for completing the vital work of the board — such as making emergency decisions, finalizing budgets, and more — boards and CEOs alike are scrambling for trusted guidance and simple tools to help them navigate this new reality.

What’s more, with each state making their own decisions in their own timeline, so many trustees and CEOs are unsure how to even begin meeting or working together. 

You need guidance in real-time and sustainable, scalable tools that remove the administrative burden in order to focus your limited time and attention on vital strategic matters, and connection with peers grappling with the same challenges.

We’ve heard from boards who are trying to quickly pull together a set of tools like Zoom and Google Drive to just meet. But, charter school governance requires more than this.

Even when meeting virtually, board meetings must be strategic — a challenge at the best of times. And, they must be compliant with your state’s open meeting law requirements. Compliance is also a challenge in the best of times. But, when regulations are rapidly changing, stress levels are high, and time is incredibly limited, you cannot be bogged down by ensuring compliance — or tripped up by missing a detail.

BoardOnTrack has, for years, been the only online governance platform built expressly to meet the unique needs of charter schools. It guides trustees and staff through the workflows and processes that ensure both good governance and effortless compliance. Now, it’s Virtual Meetings offering also incorporates a remote meetings capability to ensure your board can meet virtually, inform the public, and allow public access or participation where applicable. 

Paring the expert coaching with virtual meeting tools that charter schools need now.

BoardOnTrack membership includes BoardOnTrack’s online board meetings platform. 

Virtual meeting integration lets you maintain governance and transparency even when you can’t meet in person. Built-in guardrails to help you comply with key transparency guidelines and collaborate effectively without stepping out of compliance.

Continuity Coaching sessions will be provided on a weekly basis to start.

Sessions will be provided in a group format, building connections among peers and creating a network effect that will help strengthen the larger charter school community. 

All BoardOnTrack members also gain direct access to coaching and guidance from in-house experts whose knowledge includes the experience of hundreds of boards. 

Charter schools who aren’t yet BoardOnTrack members can get started right now.

Learn more about BoardOnTrack membership.

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