What Stops Charter Boards From Delivering Results?

What Stops Charter Boards From Delivering Results?

Charter schools exist to deliver exceptional results. 

But, more than that, charter schools exist to deliver even more exceptional results than thought possible with public education.

That’s the charter school promise that drives trailblazers like Equitas founding CEO Malka Borrego; Yvette King-Berg, Executive Director of YPICS; and charter hall of famer Caprice Young.

Delivering on the charter school promise requires exceptional boards. 

Exceptional boards and their CEOs are aligned on their goals. They drive results because every minute of every meeting, every month, is focused and productive.

Simply put, exceptional charter boards are focused on their priorities, not their personalities.

Conversely, the one thing that stops most boards from driving results is a lack of focus. A lack of alignment is all too common among charter school trustees nationwide, from the founding years, even through growth and replication.

It’s a simple challenge. And it’s a solvable one.

Our survey will soon reveal how focused charter boards are; and what they’re focused on. 

We’re surveying hundreds of charter boards nationwide.

The early results have already revealed the goals most charter boards focus on achieving this year.

But, what’s more, it’s found that many charter boards haven’t aligned their focus — and are thus not yet prepared to deliver results for their kids.


Are you aligned? Or are you each moving in different directions?
Drive real results this year. It starts with this one-question survey.

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This fall, we’ll help you turn this data into action that gets results.

Whether you’re already a BoardOnTrack member or not, you’ll be able to learn from these survey results and turn that knowledge into action that drives results for your organization.

In the coming months, we’ll lead BoardOnTrack member boards to turn this knowledge into action that will deliver exceptional results for the kids and families that are counting on them.

We’ll coach boards who need it towards aligning their priorities. We’ll guide the top-tier boards — those already aligned — to translate their objectives into SMART goals and put those goals to work to get results.

Not a BoardOnTrack member yet? Follow along this fall with our webinars and expert articles to help your board learn how to align your focus, be the high-functioning team you know you can be, and deliver the results your kids deserve.

Webinar: The Challenge Every Charter Board Faces

Our next webinar will reveal this year’s top charter board goals, what’s blocking boards from getting aligned & focused, and how you can turn out data into action. Register Now.

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