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BoardOnTrack Membership

BoardOnTrack membership takes the guesswork out of governance.
Your annual membership gains your entire team access to our platform, community, training events, and more.

You’ll know what to do, and when to do it. You’ll have the right tools to use, while building repeatable practices. And you’ll be able to measure it all.

Membership is extended to everyone on your team

Your annual membership rate covers your full team. It isn’t limited by the number of people you’ll want to use the platform. 

Everyone on your governance team, from CEO and Board Chair to non-voting committee members, will have access to the benefits of BoardOnTrack membership.

Get started immediately.

The BoardOnTrack platform is all online, accessible from anywhere and on any device.

Begin right away setting up your meetings and minutes, and storing all of your documents to keep your meetings running smoother than ever.

Personalize your platform, even with your own logo or photos, is simple. And you’ll start seeing measurements in your OnTrack Score from day one.


Access self-paced board training and professional development webinars, events, and resources.

Live online, in person, and on-demand training events are at your fingertips.

We host online and in-person training events for members only at key points throughout the year, to align with your board’s most important moments.

Plus, our entire library of training webinars is available via the Resources section in the platform.

Get help from your trusted partner.

We’re here to help you to get the most out of your membership from the start, and year after year.

Access our team in real time with chat built in to the platform. Or, contact us via email or phone, for friendly guidance and support whenever you need it.

Plus, your key leaders will get hands-on coaching from our experts with an Accelerator Session each quarter.

Meet the team.

Join a growing community.

BoardOnTrack is used by thousands of charter trustees, school leaders, and CEOs. BoardOnTrack membership connects you to our growing community. 

Here are just a few of of the like-minded leaders reaching for the high bar.

Alpha Public Schools
Noble Network of Charter Schools
Republic Schools
Equitas Academy

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