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Exceptional charter school results take an exceptional board

An exceptional charter board is well-structured, well-staffed, and well-trained

Whether you’re a team of Division 1 athletes or of dedicated charter school trustees and leaders, the same rings true: to perform at your best, to always reach for the highest bar, you’ve got to be well-structured, well-staffed, and well-trained.

Great governance takes structure. It takes knowing which committees to form, what they do, and how to know they’re doing it well.

The skills, mindsets, and experience levels you need in your founding trustees will not be the same as what you’ll need in your trustees one, two, or ten years down the road. As your organization evolves, your board must keep pace.

Most boards will answer yes to both of these questions. But how do you know that you’ve got the right people in place? And how do you know who to look for now, to fill the needs you’ll have soon?

Surprise… no one is born understanding board governance. Not even the incredibly smart, accomplished, and dedicated people who’ve volunteered to help your charter school or charter management organization to deliver on its promises.

Have you organized extensive professional development programs for your staff, yet left your trustees out of the mix?

You have to be trained to be a top trustee. You have to be trained to be a BoardSavvy CEO. It’s not innate. And it’s always changing.

BoardOnTrack powers the most powerful governance teams.

What if you knew, without a shadow of a doubt, that:

You had the right people in the right roles for your board — with the right skill sets for today, and tomorrow

That your board was structured for success with the right roles and committees in place

Your board, CEO, and leadership staff were collaborating effectively

Your board was on track to achieve the right things this year, and maintain its focus throughout the year

Your board and leadership had access to self-guided training experiences and resources to continue to build up their governance knowledge, year after year

With BoardOnTrack, all of this and more is possible. We’ve built the platform to make every aspect of a great governance team clear, doable, and measurable.

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BoardOnTrack members have access to the platform, partner, and community they need to power their governance team.

The online board management platform makes clear exactly what it takes to be a great governance team — the areas of focus, the actions to take, and the way to measure what’s working.

The extensive — and always growing — library of resource articles provide strategic guidance through even the most daunting of tasks. From CEO evaluation processes to sample trustee job descriptions, it’s all there waiting for you.

And our growing community of like-minded leaders is here to learn with you, online and in person.

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