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How Does This All Work?

Welcome! You’re ready to get better at your governance game. And we’re thrilled to show you — and your team — how BoardOnTrack membership can help.

Transforming your board with BoardOnTrack is as easy as these simple steps…

1. Decide Together

You can only govern effectively if the full board and the senior leadership of the organization are aligned and working collaboratively.

The same is true for utilizing BoardOnTrack effectively. The first step is for your governance team — as a whole — to agree to partner with BoardOnTrack. Whether your organization requires a board vote or not, you’ll want your whole governance team on board.

And we’re here to help you! Whether you’d like a personalized walkthrough of the platform, or resources to share in advance of your next board meeting, the right tools are ready and waiting.

2. Get Access

Once you’ve made the decision to become a member, we’ll welcome your team to BoardOnTrack!

Each member of your governance team will get the access they need to the BoardOnTrack platform, and other benefits of membership — including live training events and the online members-only community.

Governance is a team sport. And we’ll make sure your entire team has access to the tools they need to fully play their part. Every trustee, your CEO or Executive Director, any staff who support the board, and even any non-voting committee members, will get the access they need to benefit from your organization’s BoardOnTrack membership.

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3. Get Started

Getting started is easy. The BoardOnTrack platform is all online, accessible from anywhere and on any device.

Begin right away setting up your meetings and minutes, and storing all of your documents to keep your meetings running smoother than ever! And personalizing your platform, even with your own logo or photos, is simple. And you’ll start seeing measurements in your OnTrack Score from day one.

Plus, we’re here to help you to get the most out of your membership from the start, and year after year. A virtual coach within the platform guides you through key steps to take and suggests relevant resources. Our member success representatives are available, via email or phone, to provide friendly guidance and support.

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4. Get Connected, Get Training, and Get to That Higher Bar

Membership empowers your governance team with access to self-driven, professional development right from the start.

Get connected with like-minded leaders in the members-only online community. Access training and build connections at our in-person training events around the country, as well as our annual data-driven board retreats led by our governance experts.

Plus, access self-paced board training and professional development resources through BoardOnTrack’s live webinars, and the ever-growing library of resource articles and on-demand webinars built right into the platform.

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5. Assess Where You Are, And Where You Want to Be

Most volunteer trustees are well-intentioned, but face a lot of uncertainty about how to meaningfully contribute to the board with the little time they have. BoardOnTrack removes that uncertainty by assessing your strengths and areas to improve, and then providing you with the right actions to take, based on the data — not your best guess.

It starts with your OnTrack Score, a clear indicator of where your board stands today. Having worked with hundreds of boards nationwide, we’ve proven what makes an exceptional charter school board. And we’ve build the OnTrack Score to show you exactly where you stand in each of the key elements — Priorities, People, Process, Performance, and Progress — and what you need to do to improve.

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6. Repeat

Year after year, your organization will grow, the complexity of the work will evolve, and you’ll build up your own expertise as a governance leader. The BoardOnTrack platform will grow with you, and the training and community you gain with membership will only become more valuable to you.

From board goals to a CEO evaluation, blog posts on current topics to a recruiting process that works, every time, the platform is your partner to use over time.


We’d love to help you get there! Schedule some time to tell us about your board and learn more about us.

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