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Simplify Your Charter School's Board Governance

The #1 Board Management Platform designed for everything your board needs to help deliver on your charter's promises, all in one place.

Watch this video to learn why we are the preferred board management software platform for hundreds of charter boards.

Is Your Board Functioning at Its Highest Level?

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Remarkable Boards Reaching A Higher Level With Us

  • Alpha Public Schools
  • Noble Network of Charter Schools
  • Green Dot Public Schools
  • Republic Schools
  • Charter School Growth Fund
  • Equitas Academy

Why BoardOnTrack?

  • Recruit Strategically

    Know the skills you need in your trustees today, next year, and beyond with our three-year recruiting roadmap.

  • Activate Committees

    Get the right committees doing the right work when you track and manage goals at a glance with our powerful dashboard.

  • Operate Transparently and Effectively

    Access every document from anywhere in an ever-growing online institutional memory that provides transparency to authorizers and the public and survives leadership transitions.

  • Manage Multiple Boards with Ease

    Measure performance, manage meetings and documents, and more, with the platform that scales with as many boards as your growth requires.

  • Maximize Board Performance

    You use data to drive excellence in everything from academics to hiring. What about your board? Know how well your board’s performing -- and how to raise the bar even higher.

  • Expertly Support & Evaluate Your CEO

    Follow our proven process to provide year-round support & evaluations that help your CEO be even better.

  • Learn with Like-minded Leaders

    Access robust on-demand and live professional development programs for your trustees, CEO, and senior staff.

What Our Customers Are Saying


The board is finally operating the way I want it to. They’re effective, self-sustaining, and everything doesn’t have to go through me every time.

Malka Boreggo
Malka Borrego
Founder and Chief Executive Officer of the Equitas Academy Charter Schools

Leadership Team

The thing I like best about BoardOnTrack is that it keeps us organized and accountable. And being organized and accountable helps us work better as a team.

Caprice Young
Caprice Young
Learn4life National Superintendent and Charter School Hall of Fame Inductee


BoardOnTrack has a place to store key documents, goals, and your progress against goals. You can track board member skills & experience, who’s rolling off, where you’ll have gaps. Everything is in one place.

Lia Santos
Lia Santos
Chair, Board Governance Committee, Atlanta Neighborhood Charter School

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