How to Run a Well-Executed Executive Session

How to Run a Well-Executed Executive Session

From time to time, boards need to call a closed-door executive session. Handling sensitive or confidential issues well can be difficult — and it’s important these sessions are run with confidence. 

We’ll be discussing how to make sure your executive sessions are run well and that the issues you need to discuss are handled appropriately

This informal Q&A session will cover: 

  • What to cover in an Executive Session
  • Common Executive Session mistakes
  • Executive Session do’s and don’ts 
  • How BoardOnTrack’s special Executive Session feature can help ensure your Executive Sessions are run well


If you know someone else who would benefit from attending, feel free to forward this on. It is a “the more the merrier” event.

Want to submit a burning question in advance? Please do by sending a message to mike@boardontrack.

If time allows, you’ll be able to ask our experts anything.

P.S. If you want to learn more about how BoardOnTrack’s membership, you can ask your questions after the session.

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