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Welcome to the BoardOnTrack resource center. Freely access these strategic resources to help you become a more effective governance team. You’ll find charter school board on-demand webinars, expert-written e-books, our founder’s training handbooks, and more.

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What Stops Charter Boards From Delivering Results?

What Stops Charter Boards From Delivering Results?

Charter schools exist to deliver exceptional results. Delivering on the charter school promise requires exceptional boards. Our nationwide survey has revealed the goals that exceptional boards are focused on this year — and just how many boards aren’t aligned around a shared set of goals yet. Here’s why it matters.

How YPICS Stays On Track with BoardOnTrack

How YPICS Stays On Track with BoardOnTrack

YPICS Executive Director Yvette King-Berg shares what it takes to lead a charter school organization at a key growth stage, how her partnership with her board has been instrumental to her success, and what BoardOnTrack membership has meant to Yvette and YPICS overall.

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Charter School Board Job Descriptions: Responsibilities of the Board and Individual Trustees

This free eBook gives you a detailed outline of the responsibilities for each of your board trustees, from ensuring that your organization remains true to its charter to supporting and assessing CEO performance, managing resources effectively and maintaining integrity and accountability. Plus, it includes individual board member performance expectations and a sample board member agreement for you to use as customizable templates.

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Charter School Board Job Descriptions: Responsibilities of Board Officers

A charter school board at peak capability doesn’t just happen! There are two key steps to achieving optimal board performance:

A. Clarifying roles and responsibilities
B. Assembling the right leadership

In this free eBook, you’ll get: – a comprehensive guide articulating the job functions for each board position -Specific responsibilities and necessary qualifications for board members -Indicators of effectiveness to help measure your board’s performance.

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Charter School Board Job Descriptions: Committee Roles and Responsibilities

Having active, engaged committees doing substantive work in between board meetings is essential for any charter school board.

This free eBook will help you to define the committees you have; clarify the CEO and senior staff’s roles in supporting your committees, and delineating what key items these committees should be focused on.

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Charter School Board Recruitment Tips

As a best practice, your board should have term limits and ensure that fresh perspectives are added to the board each year. However, finding and recruiting new trustees can be a perennial problem.

How do you find qualified new trustees? How do you fit this into your already jam-packed schedule? This free eBook provides you with simple, actionable tips for recruiting the right trustees to the right committee and board roles.

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How to Lead a Data Driven Retreat

How effective was your last charter school board retreat? Did data to inform your strategic direction? Did you leave with a concrete action plan?

BoardOnTrack members experience a wholly different annual board retreat. This brief guide serves as your roadmap to a better board retreat.

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Your Charter School Board Engagement Toolkit

One of the top frustrations we hear from board members just like you is the lack of engagement among their fellow trustees. We understand this challenge–that’s why we created this special toolkit.

It’s designed to get your board working in sync quickly, with each member fulfilling the responsibilities they committed to when joining. In addition, this kit includes team-building exercises, tips for engaging board members, and managing accountability.

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BoardOnTrack’s Recommended Annual Calendar

This optimal board calendar is a high-value resource providing you with a month-by-month guide to board and committee activities, meeting topics and so much more.

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Bring Your Board Along The Path to Excellence!

A high-performing charter school board is proactive, strategic and focused. Becoming a high-performing board requires a path to excellence, involving committed board leadership, a board operating system, and access to training and coaching that fits the lives of busy school leaders and members. This step-by-step guide will help you to measure where you are along this Path to Excellence.

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Member Stories

BoardOnTrack Case Study: Valor Collegiate

Valor Collegiate is a fast-growing network of public charter schools in South Nashville. At launch, the decentralized organization process left many board and committee members disengaged. The manual governance processes were time-consuming and ineffective.

Adopting the BoardOnTrack platform led to stronger, more effective meetings and a fully engaged board. This case study details how they made it happen, in their own words.

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BoardOnTrack Case Study: Westlake Charter School

Westlake Charter School has been in growth mode since opening in 2005. A dynamic CEO and strong board spearhead the momentum, yet the line between governance and management was often blurred.

A BoT membership provided Westlake with access to comprehensive training resources, which in turn led to building effective structures for their governance and finance committees, among other benefits. This case study details how BoardOnTrack membership has helped Westlake adopt practices that ensure the long-term health of the organization.

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