Board Development?

Seriously, I am way too busy as it is.

Who has time for all of this stuff?

We hear you…

but seriously, all your hard work building your charter school organization will go down the drain if you

don’t tend to your board!

We’ve worked with 500+ of your peers…here’s what they’ve said and what you need to know:

“We’re The Best Board Ever”

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Hmmm, we’ve worked with over 500 charter school boards. We’ve taken 300 or so through our online assessment process and haven’t found a charter school board that is a level-5 across the board. So, either you are a unicorn, or your board is doing the basics just fine but needs to see what true excellence looks like.


We can show you, give us a call.


“I can’t possibly log into another app”

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Do you say that to your boss at your day job?


Welcome to the 21stcentury! You are on the hook to deliver excellence to hundreds (maybe thousands?!) of kids, and govern a multimillion-dollar public enterprise. And, you’re a time-strapped volunteer! Trust us, you’ll be so glad to have one-stop shopping to get all your board needs taken care of, that you will be delighted to log in to one more tool – it will be a game-changer for you personally and for the functioning of your entire governance team.


“We’re A Google Doc School”

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Maybe you haven’t been listening? We’re talking apples and oranges here.
Google docs are great but they don’t have a personal coach you can call at any time, it doesn’t build you a 3-year board recruitment roadmap, it doesn’t guide you on a path to excellence.


You get the drill.


“I’m Too Busy”

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It’s a tough gig!


We get it, but BoardOnTrack Membership will save you time, and help you use your precious few hours a month for board work in a strategic, impactful way.


“I can’t get my board to show up for meetings! How am I going to get them to use this?”

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You are running a multimillion-dollar public enterprise, that has to comply with state open meeting laws so everyone on the planet knows they aren’t showing up?! Guess you really need this membership which has tools to help you get the team more engaged, or better yet, find some new and improved team members.

“We Can’t Afford It”

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Actually, you can’t afford not to join us!

You can’t run a multimillion-dollar business and deliver excellence without professional tools and expertise.

Don’t waste time and money reinventing the wheel.