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Governance matters Charter School Board Governance Platform

Traditional board training is failing 

you and our kids

The success of our nation’s charter schools depends on delivering a whole new type of

board training and support.

Traditional Board Training is Failing Our Kids-Charter School Board Governance Platform

Boards need a slow, steady, ongoing drip of professional development, paired with sophisticated tools to manage their work and processes. Charter school board support needs to build sustainable systems that can weather the inevitable trustee and CEO turnover that comes with term limits and burnout.

We need to redefine “training” in the context of what exceptional charter school boards do, how volunteers become governance professionals, and provide a roadmap for both that adjusts for organizational change.

There is a Data-Driven, Proven Path

To Excellence in Charter School Governance

As a charter organization evolves from founding to sustaining it should strengthen its systems and 

processes across the organization.

Most charter schools learn how to scale their human capital pipeline, student recruitment processes, and the tools and supports they use to close the achievement gap. But typically, the governance of the organization does not evolve at the same pace and with the same discipline as other parts of the organization. 

Your governance should evolve as your organization does, and managing this evolution to ensure your board is a game-changing asset for delivering great outcomes for kids is the crux of BoardOnTrack membership.

Capability Maturity Model

Would you like to know, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that you are doing what you should be doing as a board member?

Most volunteer trustees are well-intentioned but face a lot of uncertainty about how to meaningfully contribute to the board with the little time they have.

BoardOnTrack removes the uncertainty by assessing your strengths and areas to improve, and then providing you with concrete actions to take based on this data.

Annual BoardOnTrack Membership is grounded in a capability maturity model

that articulates a path to excellence for the governance of your organization.

Membership is designed to help your board:

Identify where it is on the path to excellence and

Take concrete, strategic steps to strengthen your governance year-over-year.