The Bellwether COVID-19 Toolkit - BoardOnTrack

The Bellwether COVID-19 Toolkit - BoardOnTrack

Live Continuity Coaching sessions are a benefit of BoardOnTrack membership. We’re pleased to present this on-demand recording for all who might value it.

We’ll be joined by Tresha Ward, an author of Bellwether’s COVID-19 toolkit for charters will lead this session.

Organized into four sections — 1. Reground, 2. Prioritize, 3. Plan, and 4. Connect — Bellwether’s guide is a must-have for all charter school board members, CEOs, and senior leaders.

  • Reground in your Why
  • With your Why in mind, set your priorities
  • Create a detailed work-plan to meet your priorities
  • Consider your stakeholders and how to communicate with them effectively

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