The first important step to completing an effective CEO Evaluation Process is to acknowledge that if done well, this is a culminating step of a yearlong process of support and dialogue that the board has with its CEO.

Our specific recommended actions include:

1. Create a CEO Support and Evaluation Committee.
2. Appoint a chair of this committee, ideally not the board chair.
3. Develop a timeline, mapping backwards from your desired completion date.
4. Choose your evaluation tool (consider using the BoardOnTrack Tool available to premium members) rather than reinventing the wheel.
5. Have the CEO complete a self-evaluation.
6. In addition to completing a self-evaluation have the CEO supply the board with data to support how they are rating themselves on key areas.
7. Share the self-evaluation and data points (such as teacher satisfaction surveys, parent surveys, state test data, financial data) with the board.
8. The full board completes the same questionnaire as the CEO’s self-evaluation.
9. Consider having direct reports of the CEO also weigh in on the same survey tool.
10. Tally the results and share in summary with the board.
11. The board processes out the information and agree to speak with one voice to the CEO.
12.The committee meets with the CEO and shares the summary results.
13. CEO goals are set for the next year using the information from the evaluation process.
14. The CEO has a chance to provide the board feedback on their performance.

Make sure to get CEO in put and buy-in on all of these steps!

We recommend that this process coincide with the end of the school year and be completed in June, or the latest July. As such, the CEO has time to create goals for the next school year prior to doors opening again.